if you just could see the beauty, the things i can never describe

"history of the world". raf simons ss05.

Benjamin Jarvis | Neil Barrett Spring/Summer 2015 Backstage

SUPERNATURE: ONCE upon a TIME, science OPENED up the DOOR. WE would FEED the HUNGRY fields TILL they couldn’t EAT no MORE. BUT the POTIONS that were MADE, TOUCHED the CREATURES down BELOW. OH and they GREW up IN a WAY, a WAY we’ve NEVER seen BEFORE………No.11

Alex Cunha & Clement Chabernaud Photographed by Ohnur for Esquire Spain May 2014

Yoshio Kubo SS14 Tokyo - Kristoffer Hasslevall

Kyle Mobus by Harry Carr - Backstage at Patrik Ervell SS15

Hood by Air SS15 // NYFW
Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.
George R.R. Martin (via sne)

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